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Artwork, Shapes, Colours and Concepts

When decorating or creating a design for a cremation urn, keepsake or jewelry object it is helpful to draw inspiration from your life experiences or the dearly departed’s life experience to be reflected.

Researching is also helpful I have been inspired to make objects and designs from studying religious beliefs, stories, states of being, gods, mythology, history and other artworks. Usually these ideas are represented by existing symbols and designs. The imagery may then be resembled or adapted.

An individual’s personality can be reflected by their hobbies, favorite colors, animals, food, flowers, places, people and chosen religions beliefs and cultures.

Artwork and composition may be directed by Natures Beauty or Mans creation, there are plenty of ideas, stories and meaning when researching interpretations of flora, fauna, animals, geology, color and architecture.

Divinity and humanity: Religion  explores the human relationship with the divine and the mysteries of death.Wilkinson, Phillip. “Religion & Society.” Illustrated Dictionary of Religions. London: Dorling Kindersley, 1999. 6-119. Print.

Religious beliefs and practices are often associated with a celestial power directing human life and death. Faithfulness  to a religion implies believing in this divine force, as well as most religions offering moral guidance for believers. Commitment to these ideas may provide solidarity with in communities. These communities share values by taking part in religious practises and festivals.