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Ceramic Bowls, Cups and Vases great Christmas gifts

handmade hand painted art piece for home office decor

Handmade and Hand-painted

Hello ready for you to enjoy many objects painted and glass enameled (glazed). Browse products

Art For Sale is an art practice and we want to keep practicing, affordable prices freight to be worked out.  Collecting Art is an inspiring hobby and we have made objects which can be functional and displayed anywhere.  Why not have a piece delivered to your loved ones for a special occasion or just as a special gift or reward letting them know you are thinking of them.

Art For Sale art pieces have been hand painted and decorated with many bright colours and patterns, ready for your interpretation or interaction all I can say is that each piece is an output of many personal experiences, music and other media or nothing at all just spontaneous colours directing.

We have vessels shaped like,

  • cups 
  • spoons 
  • platters
  • jugs 
  • teapots 
  • Urns 

Shop from our choice of cup shapes great for your office or desk or as a sculpture for work, I use them to hold my pens and brushes etc.  I use one of the cups for my coffee and I’m making one for the bathroom for tooth brushes etc.  I know they don’t match anything that’s the idea there art pieces. Every object has an identity like a memory keepsake or a painting, great for give-aways at your wedding or special occasion.  Something different assured, objects that represent and reflect a time or feeling.

Dish shapes that can be used for party food such as Sushi, Indian, Chinese or any cuisine you prefer like the chopping boards which are popular however unlike boards or square plates, they have a curved bottom to catch all the juices and crumbs, less mess and a more attractive presentation. As well as being easier to carry around, there made of clay and baked at a high temperature so longer lasting than plastic. 

You do have to be a little careful as they are decorator pieces and may chip if clinked with other china or objects when washing up. (Wash separately )

Australian  Souvenir Cups Hand Made And Decorated In Australia With Popular Australian Culture Flora And Fauna

Choose from an assortment of small medium and large cups especially hand made and decorated for you, your co-worker family and friends.  These cups make that ideal special gift.  One off art pieces so unique, novelties for your office or home.

Australian Souvenir Small Bowls Hand Made And Decorated In Australia With Popular Australian Culture Flora And Fauna

Your choice of small bowls for an Australian souvenir or as decorator pieces for your special occasion table.

You can show off your gourmet meal with these beautiful little serving platters.

These small bowls are suitable for presenting fresh produce or that special dish. The brightly colours and abstract shapes reflect the holidays, happy times, family and friends getting together for a special celebration.


Handmade ceramic bowls by Elsie Cogar

Handmade ceramic bowls by Elsie Cogar

Australian  Souvenir Medium Bowls Hand Made And Decorated In Australia With Popular Australian Culture Flora And Fauna

Browse these medium sized bowls for the one that suits your interior decor perfect for your reception tables. Use to showcase your culinary skills or as presentation bowls to reward some one special.  These medium sized bowls are the ideal tableware to compliment, or create an ambiance.  Collectable art for your enjoyment or gift.


Australian  Souvenir Large Bowls Hand Made And Decorated In Australia With Popular Australian Culture Flora And Fauna

Handmade ceramic cups by Elsie Cogar

Large handmade and decorated bowls which are perfect for presenting fresh fruit or serving platters for all types of food.  Saucy dishes to finger foods and canopies.  Large bowls are great for soups or hotpots and some of the flatter bowls could be used for cakes and baked goods as well as pizzas and nachos.

Large bowls for decorating spaces colours that reflect the Australian bush and coastal towns. 

Each one of these bowls is also unique so you can collect them.

handmade hand painted art pieces

handmade hand painted art pieces