Hand painted and handmade ceramic art pieces

I’ve been hand making and decorating objects with many colours and designs for as long as I can remember.

All hand painted ceramic pieces are handmade with love in my art studio in Ulladulla NSW Australia. To brighten up a space or create a special theme for your home decor, office, restaurant or business it is worth taking a look at my range of handmade objects. My current themes include,

  • Harvest range
  • Colour Wheel
  • Flowers
  • Holiday impressions

Just to name a few. These themes are made in various objects such as,

  • Wall art including sculptures
  • Decorator Tiles for splash backs for kitchen and bathroom or spaces needing feature tiles
  • Bowls and platters
  • Cups & spoons
  • Vases and urns

I mostly create ceramic art pieces but am also exploring recycling old furniture and wall art, these can been seen with my images.

Lead-free glazes

Using only safe commercially made good quality ceramic paints such as Cesco Glazes which are led free and food safe. The glazes (like paint) are used for under glaze painting and over glazing.

Hand decorating each object with many available colours and shades, which compliment any table, shelf or wall.

The glazing is hand painted onto the hand made objects and then fired in a very high temperature Kiln which ensures that it stays on the ceramic body. The hand made objects are safe to display food and are safe to put in the oven and microwave.

The Objects are hand made using various techniques such as hand building and throwing on a wheel and then sometimes assembling.

They are then allowed to dry for a period of time and then bisque fired which makes them stronger for hand painting and glazing.They are then fired once more too bind the hand painting and glazing for ever.

If treated well each ceramic art object has the possibility of lasting for hundreds of years the colors and shapes that have been hand painted will stay vibrant and objects will be available for enjoyment for generations too come.  

Ceramic objects are like time capsules perfect preservation of ones taste, culture and history.

Personal individual unique one off memorial objects to help you remember

We offer unique one off cremation urns, jewelry, and other memorial products to help families celebrate and remember a loved one.

We would like to assist in finding that special memorial object that celebrates each individual’s life. Memorial objects that bring comfort and closure to family and friends left behind.

We supply a wide selection of handmade and decorated one off ceramic art urns for ashes, urn jewelry and tiles. Creating an object that is unique for you can be done by using names, dates, artwork, or a message that truly makes a funeral urn tile or cremation jewelry meaningful to you. 

We want to reflect each individual’s personality through a one off memorial art object. The objects available in today’s market are very modern in that they are more uniform in shape and color. We believe that no one mold fits every individual. Our urns have been handmade from clay to object and then decorated.

At Cremations Urns and Keepsake we look back in time to history, customs and traditions, for a more personal and individual farewell. We understand that in difficult times, being helpful and understanding can make a huge difference.

You can be assured that we are available should you need any assistance in selecting or personalizing  a memorial object. As well as in discussing the required time frames that objects are to be shipped and completed.

handmade cremation urn by Elsie Cogar