Cup & Plate Set 1#


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One hand made and hand decorated dainty, delicate art cup and art plate set.This decorator object being a beaker shaped mug was formerly used to mix or heat up liquids for experiments. 

A plate can be used for ceremonial or decorative purposes. The plate is circular and was hand thrown and fired twice with a water proof and lead free glaze.

The beaker was hand thrown and shaped with terracotta coloured clay and I hand painted 2 sunflowers using fine brushes with under glazes and then further glazed with two coats, the interior of the cup with a sea blue glaze.

This contemporary art object was made without any formal structures in mind an improvisation of every day vessels a play on visual composition and order it is an original piece and was created with a combination of  techniques and processes.  The sunflower being a famous subject for impressionist painting, the plate was glazed with a vibrant yellow glaze similar to that of the flower color, with the deep sky blue interior glaze harmonizing. 

The art object is suitable for display on any wall shelf, table, desk any type of furniture.  The colors were selected with the subject in mind and the surrounding landscape in which the subject thrives.

The sunflower in art symbolizes the spiritual soul as it turns its bloom towards the sun. One artist Van Goh mastered this representation and used bold techniques and colour compliments, revolutionary in his art time.

This ceramic art object bowl and cup was created as an original with Van Goh’s paintings of the sunflower in mind as well as the sunflowers actually growing in the garden, bright beautiful bulbs attracting birds of paradise and bee’s humming.

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5 from centre

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