Hand painted decorative tiles by order

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Enquire about our colourful hand painted and hand decorated tiles for splash backs or feature walls. These tiles are industry made standard blanks which I have hand decorated and painted with beautiful vibrant under glaze colours.

I process the tiles after decorating by applying two layers of shiny over glaze then the tiles are fired to 1000 or more degrees to bind all the coats of under and over glazes and glass. This also waterproofs the tiles and protects the surface.

The tiles will accent and add extra feature to your own selected styles and colours making the overall style pop and individualize the space.

I can customise art objects to juxtapose with accent and single shade tiles.

The colours on the featured example reflecting nicely on the single shade tiles.

Using hand decorated and painted tiles provide a contemporary finish to your wall which can create an ambiance as well as an art piece which is seamless and easy to clean.

These ceramic decorative tiles which are artistic and contemporary are just an example of what can be achieved.  The possibilities are endless and there are many subjects to create, depending on what ambiance you are trying to achieve. 

You can be assured that using ceramic tiles, under and over glazes that the art object that has been created will last for a very long time and you can re-locate tiles by taking out the grout.

Art decorator tiles are easy to pack put away and then a new set can be put up for a new ambiance. Thus a never ending way to change the space according to your taste.

You could have a portrait or mural painted on to the tiles etc.  Inquire about any project you may have in mind. I will be only too happy to accommodate you.