Browse through my hand made and hand decorated art cup and art spoon sets. These decorator objects look great on your work desk little art objects that remind you to have a break or perhaps a focal point to rest your eyes from the computer. I like to feel them with my hands as I am a touchy filly person and I enjoy having little trinkets and art decorator objects around me, things that remind me of holidays,family, movies, restaurants, special events even television programs. All the wonderful things too look forward too after working and focusing. These decorator sets are safe for food and have been hand made and decorated with clay, over and under glazes. Also safe for microwaves and ovens be sure too use oven mitts as they will be hot after being used for heating up food. These hand made and decorator art pieces are fantastic for celebrations and functions too jazz up the lunch, dinner and breakfast table or even just too present someone with a special gift. Start collecting for your own little gallery at work or home creating spaces with visual pillows

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