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Artwork, Shapes, Colours and Concepts

When decorating or creating a design for a cremation urn, keepsake or jewelry object it is helpful to draw inspiration from your life experiences or the dearly departed’s life experience to be reflected.

Researching is also helpful I have been inspired to make objects and designs from studying religious beliefs, stories, states of being, gods, mythology, history and other artworks. Usually these ideas are represented by existing symbols and designs. The imagery may then be resembled or adapted.

An individual’s personality can be reflected by their hobbies, favorite colors, animals, food, flowers, places, people and chosen religions beliefs and cultures.

Artwork and composition may be directed by Natures Beauty or Mans creation, there are plenty of ideas, stories and meaning when researching interpretations of flora, fauna, animals, geology, color and architecture.

Divinity and humanity: Religion  explores the human relationship with the divine and the mysteries of death.Wilkinson, Phillip. “Religion & Society.” Illustrated Dictionary of Religions. London: Dorling Kindersley, 1999. 6-119. Print.

Religious beliefs and practices are often associated with a celestial power directing human life and death. Faithfulness  to a religion implies believing in this divine force, as well as most religions offering moral guidance for believers. Commitment to these ideas may provide solidarity with in communities. These communities share values by taking part in religious practises and festivals.

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Cremation Urns for Humans & Pets

Cremation Urns

A memory keepsake can be in various forms. Shortly there will be examples of Cremation Urns hand thrown with or without decorations.We can design a very special Cremation Urn to suit. If you have a photo of your loved one we can, engrave or paint the image onto the Creamtion Urn or ask about a portrait sculpture of the image.

Art for sale will be using many different glaze colors to enamel the Cremation Urns and posts examples of glazed Cremation Urns In subsequent Studio News. We will keep you posted about the developing Cremation Urns art objects. One off pieces with or without decorations and different glazes. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate in contacting me and togeather we can work on a suitable composition of image color and shape. Or you can just browse the Cremation Urns available in our future online store.

Since the beginning, there have been many views about the concept of death, how one deals with it and so on. Cremation Urns have been found in ancient burial cities. The Romans and Greeks believed that a proper funeral procedure and burial was essential for the path to the afterlife. One ceremonial procedure was to place a coin on the deceased’s mouth to represent an offering to the charon(ferryman in greek mythology) the being who carries the souls of the newly deceased across the rivers that divided the world of the living from that world of the dead. The following image is a columbarium, underground vaults that store Cremation Urns, Sculptures and Memorial tiles with the deceased’s details.